-a public welfare project initiated by high school students 

GCCW pays attention to the education and growth of young people, encourages and supports young people to actively participate in social practice and public welfare projects, so that they can cultivate a sense of responsibility to others and the community in the process of participation, while expanding their horizons and developing comprehensive capabilities.

Recently, the GCCW Youth Development Center ushered in a new charity project initiated and led by high school students: Let every child fall in love with science-Project Rosalind.

This project was initiated by Grace, a grade 11 high school student from Irvine School District, led by the participation of high school students. Through the creation of interesting science courses, interesting online activities involving science laboratories or science fiction stories, it stimulates elementary and middle school students’ Scientific interest.

The importance of science is self-evident, but when the word “science” is mentioned, many students, especially girls, feel that science is very mysterious, or very serious, and very boring, which creates a distance from science. Grace, the initiator of the project, has had such personal experience.

Grace has been a girl who was not interested in science since she was a child, but by chance, she discovered that she was not so ignorant of science. It was a thin slice of the strawberry she liked to eat, and then placed it under a microscope to observe the DNA of the strawberry. It was such a small scientific activity that completely changed her view of science and became fascinated ever since. It turns out that science is all around us, everywhere in our daily lives, like why there are sunrises and sunsets, why does chocolate melt, and how do caterpillars turn into butterflies?

She was pleasantly surprised that she had such a huge change. It was like opening a new window for herself, seeing a new world that she had never understood before, and thinking of the girls who had the same thought as her, Grace decided to use her own growth experience to tell that everyone can fall in love with science; and determined to help those primary and middle school students who have no chance to contact science due to poverty or inherent prejudices, and let them use similar channels. Change the perception of science.

“If you don’t have a chance to try it, you can’t know if you will like science. I want to give them a chance to try this, using some interesting little experiments or boring principles in the scientific world with simple, easy-to-understand and interesting Live videos to show everyone, let them understand science from a more interesting perspective, but also encourage them to do it by themselves. I want to share my love for science and inspire other young students to become interested in science. After all, The more scientists we have, the more likely we are to tackle climate change or find a cure for diseases such as COVID-19.”

She named her project after Rosalind Franklin, the British female scientist she admired most. She said that Rosalind was the one who inspired her to see that science can be very interesting and powerful, and that she became fascinated by it. There are things as tiny as cells and bacteria, as well as things as huge as planets and galaxies, which are both complicated and interesting.

This project, which is done by high school students, has gathered nearly 10 outstanding high school students to join, and they are still preparing for the first content. GCCW welcomes more interested high school students to participate and share experiences, ideas, scientific articles or videos with them. At the same time, the project currently needs high school students who have experience in website design and have used online website production platforms such as GoDaddy or Wix to join.

If you have this talent, or love science, and are willing to join them in this meaningful public welfare practice, you can send an email to service@gccw.us or gjin1704@gmail.com to register.

If you want to fall in love with science through this project, and you can receive scientific tutorial email updates in time when the project starts, please click on the link below to register:https://tinyurl.com/projectrosalindsubscription

In the process of project implementation, GCCW will fully respect the initiative of young people, let them handle all matters in the project, and provide all-round support when they need help. As the project progresses, GCCW will issue a certificate of volunteer working hours for volunteers participating in the project, and apply for the Presidential Volunteer Award for qualified volunteers. At the same time, GCCW will also set up charity scholarships, through self-recommendation, recommendation, etc., after a comprehensive evaluation of the students participating in the project, it will select outstanding students to award scholarships to thank them for their dedication to others and the community.

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