GCCW and LongWise Family made a specialty coffee event on June 7th. People actively participated in to enjoy the coffee and learn its culture.

The presenter is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). She has studied the culture of coffee systematically. Many years of coffee culture infiltration has made her quite experienced in fine hand-made coffee. During the two-hour lecture, the presenter took us to gain Coffee-related knowledge together,  from the basic knowledge of coffee origin, variety, coffee benefits and disadvantages, to fine coffee culture, tasting, equipment, etc., which made every attendance understand more intuitively and comprehensively. 

Afterwards, the speaker prepared coffee on the spot: precise weighing, machine grinding, suitable water temperature combined with sophisticated techniques and sophisticated utensils, so that the friends who participated in the lecture had the best experience. From high-quality washed beans and sun-dried beans to common coffee beans sold in the market, after tasting a few cups of coffee, the taste and the pros and cons will be clear.

Four coffees were ground and prepared on the spot: Kona, Geisha, Rwanda, and Yirgucheffe. Kona: Produced in Hawaii, full of granules, it is the only top variety produced in 50 states in the United States. Rwanda: Coffee beans from Rwanda, honey processed.Geisha: currently has 13 world championships, including rich floral and fruity flavors, rich berry style and rich creamy texture. Yirgucheffe: from Ethiopia, has a strong aroma.

We will also hold one or two more lectures in the second half of the year, so that those who love coffee can have the opportunity to participate, and friends are welcome to participate.

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