On May 24th, GCCW and LongWise Community participated in the charity activity of Orange County Food Bank for the fifth time. Our small volunteering team is also gradually growing. I hope more and more friends can join us for public welfare.

This time, more than ten people participated in our activities, and even the elderly in the early seventies were enthusiastically involved. Finally, in about two hours, all volunteers packed a total of 15,000 pounds of onions and some oranges. Our small team were assigned to the process of cutting and making bags, and although they were not directly involved in food packaging, they also provided essential help. Many friends were working together for the first time, but we were very acquainted with each other. We quickly adapted to each other’s work rhythm, and form a small-scale pipeline operation, cooperated with each other, which was highly efficient. A friend accidentally scratched her skin while doing the volunteering work. She didn’t care and insisted to the end.

There is an old saying well, “Don’t miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks  .” Doing what you can and dedicating a love should become a fashion and conscious behavior. If you truly participate in it, you will find that loving charity activities not only achieve a sense of accomplishment, but also enrich everyone’s amateur life, promote communication, and shorten the distance between people.

Donate roses and have fragrance in your hands. I hope more friends will join us for the volunteering work.

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