IIrvine is undoubtedly one of the safest cities in United States; however, there’s an increase in the number of crimes with the influx of more immigrants. Therefore, GCCW together with LongWise Family, invites the Irvine Police to give a lecture on Security on May 9th.

The lecture includes: Home security \Personal safety \Travel safety\ Daily crime\ Confronting with the suspect\ How to call 911, etc.

The two police officers were funny and humorous, and explained a lot of precautionary techniques and protection measures to the friends present at the scene. They also called on everyone to avoid exposing personal information on social media to prevent information leakage.

This lecture attracted many friends. After the lecture, everyone said that they had gained a lot of practical knowledge. We will also continue to pay attention to home safety related issues and bring more useful lectures to our friends.

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