Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Education is a heated topic among parents, and nowadays people pay attention to not only children’s academic performance, but also youngsters’ psychological development. Therefore, we invited Ms. Hongli Chen, a specialist of positive psychology, to give us a public lecture.

The title of the lecture is “Family Education from the Perspective of Positive Psychology”. It mainly popularized the positive psychology of young people, which is an important help for family education.

Guest speaker Ms. Chen Hongli is the co-founder and chief consultant of GCCW, a positive psychology coach, a Ted speaker, and a master of applied psychology from the Department of Sociology of Fudan University. She has compiled many books and is committed to the dissemination of positive psychology. During the lecture, Ms. Chen touched on the following points:
* Thinking about family education;
* What is positive psychology;
* The importance of family education
* Learn to discover and develop advantages, etc.

At the end of the lecture, Ms. Chen suggested that diary is used to promote the communication between parents and children. For example, children are encouraged to write gratitude diaries. Parents can also use diaries to record the progress of children. Such positive interactions help to build a more harmonious and warm family relationship.

We will also invite Mr. Chen again to bring more sharing to everyone; at the same time, we will also hold lectures and activities on different topics, and welcome more friends to join.

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