Updated: Sep 5, 2019

With the legalization of marijuana in California, drugs are more accessible. Many people, especially parents are concerned if this would pose a threat to children’s development. So we invite Jordan Liu, officer from Irvine Police to give us a drug prevention lecture on March 21st.

Drugs are extremely harmful. They are far closer than we think. With the legalization of marijuana, it becomes easier to buy drugs. More people, especially parents are worried about the healthy growth of their children. Police officer Liu shared drug-related knowledge on all aspects, including: 
* Types and effects of drugs;
* Marijuana and tools * How to effectively prevent drugs?
* What is the “trend” of drugs?
* Starting from knowing drugs, learn to effectively monitor young people from drugs

Officer Liu was very capable and funny. In the two-hour lecture, the participating friends had learned a lot. Looking at various pictures and data, everyone was surprised that drugs could “pretend” into candy, lipstick, U-disks, biscuits, and other everyday visible gadgets easily approached by teenagers, which definitely aggravated the concerns of many parents. In order to monitor youths away from drugs, parents must give proper guidance and strengthen communication with their children. For this reason, we invited Ms. Chen Hongli, an expert in positive psychology, to bring a lecture entitled “Family Education in the Perspective of Positive Psychology” on March 29, so stay tuned.

We will also cooperate with Longwise Community and the Irvine Police for in-depth cooperation and invite them to bring more practical and useful lectures to Chinese immigrants.

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