Updated: Sep 5, 2019

GCCW and LongWise family got together on Feb 2nd to celebrate Chinese New Year.

It rained heavily outside, but it will not quench our enthusiasm for leaving the old and welcoming the new year together. Everyone made dumplings, enjoyed delicious food, and guessed riddles. Although we are in a foreign country, we are full of flavor and warmth.

All the attendees were good at cooking, and brought their own special dishes, cold noodles, stir-fried rice cakes, chicken wings, pickled chicken feet, cumin fried meat, chestnut roasted chicken, curry potatoes, fried beef ribs, ribs and radish soup, hot and sour potato shreds, coconut taro sago, etc., as well as fresh milk cakes made by friends. Whenever there is a festive season, we use this authentic cuisine to soothe overseas travelers’ homesickness.

The children also brought wonderful performances, which pushed the whole event to a small climax.

At the scene, we also prepared exquisite gifts and red envelopes for everyone. Friends were so happy to celebrate the Lunar New Year in this way. 

In the end, GCCW would like to thank my friends for you continuous support and wish the Chinese people all over the world a Happy New Year! Happy family! All the best!

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