Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of reunion. As the traditional festival was approaching, GCCW and the LongWise community organized a snowy moon cake handmade event. Everyone experienced the fun of making snowy mooncakes, creating a strong festival atmosphere also feeling the charm of traditional Chinese festivals overseas, and spent a wonderful time together.

Before the event, Olivia from LongWise community carefully explained to everyone the materials, tools and precautions needed to make snowy mooncakes, including preparation, filling, etx.. Each step was explained in detail.

After the explanation, everyone couldn’t wait to pick up the tools in their hands and make mooncakes carefully. Starting from the dough, stuffing, and impressing, finally a delicate moon cake was completed, and everyone was happy and full of sense of accomplishment.

Food always has magic. Through food, you can convey strong emotions. We appreciate every friend’s support and love for our activities and organization. We will also organize more interesting and useful theme activities in the future.

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