GCCW together with LongWise Community invites Irvine Police to hold a seminar about how to stay safe when an earthquake strikes on July 25th.

On July 5th, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Southern California caused many friends to panic. In order to disseminate the information about the earthquake disaster, we invited Officer Jordan Liu from Irvine Police to bring our group members a lecture titled with “Disaster Preparedness” .

Officer Liu spoke vividly and humorously, and shared a lot of useful information during the two-hour lecture, as follows:

* Introduction of Irvine Emergency Office

* Be alert to potential crises in the region

* Improve personal preparedness for disaster

* Encourage safe practices and risk reduction habits

* Provide various information and resources

Police officer Liu said that Orange County may face major crises including wildfires, tsunamis, terrorist attacks and earthquakes. In response to different disasters, different self-rescue measures must be taken.

Tsunami precursor

1. Before the tsunami, there were often seashore retreats and calm and abnormal situations. Seeing this, you should immediately retreat to high places and the mainland;

2. Tsunami waves may occur;

3. Save your life first.

Terrorist attack + large-scale shootings

Be environmentally conscious: Run-Hide-Fight

Wildfire: Ready, Set, Go


1. There must be room for fire fighting and fire extinguishing

2. Fire resistance of building structures

3. Maintain the fire resistance of landscaping


1. Prepare and practice an escape plan

2. Urgent supplies

3. Insurance

Go: Bring people and pets and leave

Home Fire Help 101

1. What should I do if my clothes catch fire? Stop, lie, roll

2. Test the temperature with the back of your hand

3. If the escape intersection is blocked, close the door, and the chance of survival will be greater

Many cities in Southern California are located in or near seismic zones, so it’s important to understand the key to earthquake registration.

Drop: use your hands and knees to avoid being lost in the earthquake

Cover: protect your head and neck with your hands, elbows, or hiding at the table

Hold: Hold on to the cover until the earthquake stops

If driving

Dock on the road shoulder

2. Don’t stop on the bridge, high-rise building, or dangerous goods

3. Pull up the handbrake, don’t get out of the car

4. Don’t unfasten the seat belt

5. Lie down, protect, hold steady until you stop

Emergency kit basic equipment


* Dried food or canned food

* Flashlight and battery

* First aid kit

* Mobile power bank and cord

* Manual or solar powered AM radio

* Shoes and clothing



We were very grateful for the support of Irvine Police Department, and sincere  thanks to Officer Liu for her detailed explanation. I hope you can keep these useful information in mind in case you need it. In the future, we will also strengthen cooperation with the Irvine Police to bring more useful activities and lectures to everyone.

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