On July 12, GCCW and the LongWise Community participated in the charity activities of Orange County Food Bank for the seventh time.

When it comes to the summer season, we could obviously feel that the number of people participating decreased. Everyone was cooperative, and the efficiency was very high. Not only was completed ahead of schedule, but also the task was exceeded, and 4,000 pounds of onions were packed in more than an hour! Even the staff at Food Bank appreciated our labor.

After the packing work was completed, we went to make packing bags again to prepare for the volunteers of the day after tomorrow. After all the work was completed, everyone cleaned the venue and reduced the workload for the staff.

Although the public welfare activities are simple and slightly repetitive, the warm and small actions brought together have become a great power to help those in need. Welcome more friends to join us, starting from small things, accumulating goodwill and passing on love.

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