On June 18th, GCCW and Longwise Community invited photographer Xu Bin to bring a lecture entitled Introduction to Photography Art and Techniques.

Mr. Xu Bin graduated from the Photography Department of the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He is a senior photojournalist and picture editor. His photographic works have won more than 30 times in major international competitions. He has published more than ten books, and he immigrated to the United States in 2003 as an outstanding photographer.

Mr. Xu mentioned the following in the lecture:

 What is a good photo

* The theme must be clear

* Must highlight the theme

* The picture should be concise

Common methods of photography composition

* Golden section composition

* Three-point composition

* Symmetric composition

* Frame composition

* Diagonal composition

* Convergence line composition

* Curve (S-shaped composition)

* Scatter composition 88

At the same time, Mr. Xu told the stories behind some photos and also shared photographic works from many photography masters.

The friends who participated were all photography enthusiasts. Everyone felt that they had learned a lot. The atmosphere of the whole lecture was harmonious and the laughter continued. Two hours passed quickly. So we agreed with Mr. Xu that when he returned US from Africa, we would set up a special photography training class so that friends who love photography can learn systematically. Interested friends please stay tuned.

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