On June 14th, GCCW and LongWise Community participated in the charity activities of Orange County Food Bank for the sixth time.

A girl who was just 14 years old joined us this time. Accompanied by her family, she participated in public welfare with other group members. On behalf of our organization, sI also hope that more children can join this useful activity during the summer vacation.

The arrival of summer, I can feel the decrease of volunteers at the venue, but each of the participating friends was still very enthusiastic and working hard. During the busy period of more than two hours, everyone talked and finished the work at hand. A few friends who participated for the first time quickly became handy. Eventually, the volunteers at the site packed 15,000 pounds of potatoes and onions, and our team also kept ample packing bags for other volunteers.

The workload of volunteering work was not heavy, even a little too simple and mechanical, but it was such small and repetitive movements that come together can become a huge power to change the world. The wood that embraces is born at the end. The nine-story platform starts from tired soil. Welcome more friends to join us, starting from small things, accumulating goodwill and passing on love.

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