Project Rosalind launched its first science-themed writing contest, Seeing Into the Future, in 2021. The contest lasted from July to August 2021 and included two divisions for elementary school students and middle school students. Participants were asked to submit a piece of no more than 500 words discussing their hopes and expectations for the future of science. Their submissions focused on everything from newly-discovered deep-sea creatures to the idea of landing on Mars, but they were ultimately all united by the common theme of intellectual and scientific curiosity. Each entry was a pleasure for the Project Rosalind team to read, and we were incredibly impressed with the creativity and intellect conveyed by the submissions we received.

In January 2022, after careful consideration and several tough decisions, Project Rosalind finally released the names of five students whom we wanted to recognize for their outstanding submissions. Of the five students, two were Champions—one from the elementary school division and the other from the middle school division. In addition, Project Rosalind also selected a single Runner-Up entry as well as two special award winners: Most Creative and Young Author. If you’d like to read the winning submissions, please follow this link:

Finally, the Project Rosalind team would like to express our gratitude and thanks for GCCW’s support throughout this contest. From publicizing our contest and connecting us with interested youth to helping us fund exciting prizes for the contest winners. Many thanks for your partnership!

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