On November 22nd, we invited Mr. Song Yu to hold a seminar on “Art Education for Children”, which mainly talked about the current situation of children’s art and how to learn the basic skills of the academy. The main points are as follows:

* Status of children’s art (children’s drawing, stick figure, cartoon drawing)

* Summary and differences between art education institutions in the United States and China

* How sketches and colors are suitable for young children and beginners

* The positive effect of art on the growth of young children

* Questions from the audience

Mr. Song Yu was born in Beijing, a teacher at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and has been engaged in art education for many years. In 2018, he immigrated to the United States as an outstanding talent. Song Yu’s oil paintings are based on classical hyper-realistic still lifes, with a quiet, elegant style and exquisite techniques. He is good at using western classical oil painting techniques and materials to create traditional Chinese cultural elements. The work pursues formal aesthetics and elegant style, and the work conveys a kind of pure and graceful beauty of Eastern mood. His works are collected by collectors from China, Southeast Asian countries, and the United States, Germany and other countries, and are the representative figures in realistic still life oil paintings. He has published a number of super-realistic oil painting techniques and personal albums, which are deeply loved by the majority of art lovers.

Mr. Song Yu was very humorous. On the spot, he showed excellent paintings by many artists. He also shared painting education with parents, especially the learning characteristics of teenagers. Let parents understand the children’s demands in the painting process, and suggested parents to provide more support and encouragement. In the future, we will invite Mr. Song again to bring special lectures on appreciation of fine works and art learning, so stay tuned.

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