LongWise Family and GCCW held a parent-child event to celebrate the Children’s Day and traditional Dragon Boat Festival on June 1st.

Zongzi is an indispensable food for our Chinese people to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. It has a long cultural history of thousands of years. Every time the Dragon Boat Festival, every family, streets and alleys are exuding the fragrance of Zongzi. On the day of the event, the little assistants led everyone to wrap up the traditional triangle buns, and shared some tips with everyone, for example: choose high-quality round glutinous rice instead of long glutinous rice, because round glutinous rice is sticky. Add your favorite fillings, such as red dates, peanuts, bean paste, egg yolk, bacon, etc. Everyone learned very carefully. After two or three rounds of practice, friends have found the skills; children also follow the adults to learn to make a zongzi, folding leaves, holding materials, compacting, wrapping leaves, and tying ropes. After a while, a chubby zongzi was done, and the children felt very fulfilled.

At the same time, I also shared the traditional five-color lines with everyone, and it’s said that wearing it during the Dragon Boat Festival can dispel evil and bring good luck.

The children were very happy, and the adults were making zongzi while chatting. Unconsciously, they made a lot. As the event came to an end, everyone was still immersed in happiness.

On the day of Children’s Day, a parent-child activity of the Dragon Boat Festival folk experience will allow children to experience the charm of traditional culture while celebrating the festival, and also enhance parent-child exchange and build a harmonious parent-child relationship. We wish all children a Happy Children’s Day! At the same time, I also wish all overseas Chinese friends happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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