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In order to better develop our community, encourage and support young people to exert their power, take responsibility, set an example, and influence more people around them to participate in public welfare activities, the Global Center for Chinese Wellbeing will hold the first youth “Shining Moment” sharing activity.

We know that everyone takes action, joins in the service of the community, contributes, in multiple ways. Everyone also has the power to lead, provide support, and take action on matters of concern.

GCCW will collect these stories. We look forward to your active sharing your own experiences of participating in public welfare activities, and the inspiration, growth you have received from others and the community. These stories may only be about small changes, but they may be important and meaningful to society and others! We look forward to your sharing!

Language requirement:English

Deadline:Nov 30,2022

Age of Participants: Students from Junior High school to University

Online Submission: Please send your article to service@gccw.us, stating the “Shining Moment” sharing

Share your story, and we will select three of these “Flash Moments” as representatives of this event and issue scholarship awards by December 31, 2022. All participants will receive our special gifts; we will also produce an electronic volume to publish these stories on our official website and media.

Any question about this activity, please feel free to email to service@gccw.us.

At the same time, we sincerely welcome everyone’s generous donations and give continuous support for the healthy development of young people together! Donations channels can be Zelle or Paypal

Zelle: service@gccw.us OR Paypal:

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