Orange County’s most famous multicultural event, the Irvine Global Village Festival, will start on October 8, 2022. During the event, there are not only food and crafts from all over the world, but also lots of outdoor entertainment such as music, art, exhibitions and many children’s activities!

Event Time: October 8 (Saturday), 10am to 6pm

Venue: Irvine Grand Park

Since the first Multicultural Festival in 1988, the event has been promoting mutual understanding and harmony among different cultures. By 2002, the event location was moved to the Irvine Civic Center, and the event was officially renamed the “Irvine Global Village Festival”. Last year, the City of Irvine celebrated two important anniversaries, the 50th anniversary of the city of Irvine and the 20th anniversary of the Irvine Global Village Festival. The festival also received the 2021 California Park & ​​Recreation Society Award of Excellence in the Creating Community Award of Excellence. Today, the Global Village Festival is a signature event for the City of Irvine, highlighting Irvine’s vibrant and diverse community culture.

In the 21st Irvine Global Village Festival, you will find:

Global Cuisine:Here’s your chance to taste the world’s delicious food! Including different styles of global specialties, holiday food, from Chinese pastries, Mexican tortillas, German pretzels, to Japanese dumplings, Persian kebabs, Hawaiian shaved ice, American hot dogs everything.

Music and Entertainment:The global village festival has a strong entertainment lineup, with music and dance from all over the world, and live music.

Exhibitions and Artwork:Travel around the world in the exhibition area – as a cultural display, exhibitors provide guests with a variety of interactive displays: through clothing, cultural relics and art, you can learn about regional culture in all aspects.

Children’s Village Activities:A special part of the festival, the Children’s Village includes music, dance performances, a petting zoo, an inflatable play area, crafts, games, sports, interactive activities, and “kid-friendly food” .

The booth of the Global Center For Chinese Wellbeing has received the support from a large number of enthusiastic volunteers. The volunteers include children in grade 2 of primary school, grandparents from three generations of grandchildren, families who invite friends to do volunteer work at their birthday parties, and the families who provided exquisite handicrafts at home. Here we would like to express our most sincere respect and appreciation for the dedication of the volunteers. It is your kindness and efforts that make our world a better place.

Arthur Bai’s Birthday Craft Activity for donation

Ruifeng Li is doing the craft at home

Some of the Volunteer Craft for donnation

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