In the United States one in every 44 new borns is autistic, and the rate continues to rise. The biggest difficulty for kids with autism is the challenges in making friends, choosing a mate, finding employment, and managing personal affairs as they reach adulthood. Therefore, it is an urgent responsibility to let the society and the public understand autism and care for autistic patients.
In May 2021, GCCW and the Franklin Foundation, a caring organization for autism, jointly hosted the "Mother's Day - Enjoy Food and Love" event. We cooperated with several well-known restaurants in Irvine to make donations and publicity. This year, on May 15, 2022, GCCW participated in the donation for the 12th World Autism Awareness Day Charity Concert hosted by the Franklin Foundation in the United States. Fortunately, the performance was held at the Baldwin Park Performance Center in Los Angeles. It went well and with the donation, all participants were able to attend for free.
With the slogan of "accepting differences and embracing dissent", more than 50% of the actors participating in the performance are autistic patients. He (she) played piano, violin, chorus, dance, catwalk and other colorful programs for the audience. The performance level this year has also been greatly improved compared with previous years, and some children with autism have reached professional standards. They use their artistic achievements to prove to the community that they have made unique contributions to their society and should be more respected.

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