Dewey from the United States said “education is life”, Spencer from the United Kingdom said “education prepares for future life”, and Qin Wenjun from China said “education should be a door, push it open, full of sunshine and flowers, it can bring confidence and happiness to young children. ” The topic of education involves all aspects. Every parent hopes that they can better understand their children and learn to communicate with their children better, so as to achieve the purpose of educating children.

So in this golden autumn, we held a number of educational lectures on different topics, allowing parents to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

A comprehensive understanding of the math competition system-helping your child stand out from undergraduate applications 

Entering into an ideal college is a phased goal that most students pay great attention to. How to show up in the application stage is worth thinking about by parents and assisting children to prepare in advance. So we invited Jane, who has been an undergraduate applicant alumni interviewer at Stanford University, to bring you a special lecture. The main points are as follows:

-The role of math competitions in U.S. undergraduate applications

-Overview of the American Mathematical Contest System

-Introduction to the American Mathematics Competition

-Introduction to American High School Math Contest

-Open Q & A session to answer your questions

Irvine School District IUSD Exclusive Seminar 

For most new immigrant parents, the differences between Chinese and American education are both opportunities and challenges. How to help children transition and adapt to these differences is a top priority for many parents and friends. Therefore, we invited the coordinator of the Parent and Engagement of the Irvine School District to bring an exclusive session for our nonprofit organization. The main points of the lecture are as follows:

* Parents’ meetings are always praised, how to help children improve their deficiencies …* How parents balance education between China and the United States;

* The difference between public schools and private schools;

* How to help children improve their social skills;

* There are many types of extracurricular classes, how to choose and guide them;

* How to help your child balance in response to partial problems;

The participating parents expressed that they learned a lot from this symposium , and the coordinator from Irvine School District also recognized our original intention of the activity and expressed their willingness to continue to cooperate with us in the future.

Happy Education with Positive Psychology

Maintaining a positive and healthy psychology is more conducive to children’s growth and learning. In order to better guide the growth of teenagers, regulate the psychological pressure of teenagers, and create good family relationships, on November 1, we invited Ms. Cui to exchange ideas with parents. 

The main points are as follows:

1. What is positive psychology? Why does positive psychology work?

2. Positive Discipline-Stop Your Child’s Bad Behavior

3. Separation of issues—when to control and when to let go

4. Effective Communication-Loving Communication “Tips”

5. Teach children and parents to think for the ultimate purpose

Thank you for your support for our Golden Autumn Education events in November. Next year we will focus more on the theme of education and further strengthen our connection with Irvine School District and surrounding schools; we will also divide the theme of the event in more detail and carry out more specific programs targeting at students of different ages. At the same time, more activities and seminars for parents will be launched, so stay tuned.

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