Adolescence is the developmental transition to adulthood that includes rapid changes in the brain and body and with specific health and developmental needs and rights. It is also a time to develop knowledge and skills, learn to manage emotions and relationships, and acquire attributes and abilities that will be important for enjoying the adolescent years and assuming adult roles.

GCCW pays special attention to the education and growth of youth. To help our children make a smooth transition, GCCW established Youth Development Center.

The Youth Development Center has been helping young people to better understand themselves and cultivate healthy personalities since the beginning of 2020. We motivate and support our youth to actively engage in community service and public welfare projects. By participating these activities, our youth not only can share their spirits of dedication, but also broaden their horizons and cultivate their problem-solving skills, teamwork/collaboration, and leadership.

The Youth Development Center will also partner with IUSD, UCI, and education experts to better serve our youth. We will create a personal profile for each participating kid to record and witness his growth. We will also set up recognition/award programs and scholarships to recognize and honor these outstanding students for their accomplishments.

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