All new immigrants should learn English. Learning how to communicate effectively in English not only helps us to fit in easier and smoothier, but also allows us to be more engaged in our children’s education. 

GCCW is offering free adult english class beginning from August 13th.

There will be 5 courses, 60 min per course via zoom.

Course 1- self introduction, making conversations with your neighbors

For the first course, we will be learning how to make self-introductions. We will be working on creating our own 3-5 sentence introduction for social settings such as getting to know our neighbors, church gatherings, and/or community events.

Course 2- academic terms, the American education system              

During the 2nd course, we will walk through the American education system, public vs. private learn common vocabularies related to academics and school. Examples include: K-12, GPA, extracurricular activates, counselor, afterschool and etc. We will also be practicing how to have a dialogue with your child’s teacher. 

Course 3- making phone calls, for bill payment, appointments, and other support services.

For the 3rd course, students will learn what to expect when making phone calls to customer service representatives, how to ask to speak to an agent and how to communicate ones needs.

Course 4- filling out forms, common questions that will be asked on applications in settings such as the doctor’s office, school, and when applying for credit cards or enrolling in membership.

For the 4th course, we will be going over common vocabularies that are typically used to collect your information. Examples include- social security number, emergency contact, preferred language, income level and etc.

Course 5- emergency preparation, how to communicate with the authorities

For the last course, we will be learning about how to ask for help from the police when emergency occurs. What to do when an accident occurs and how to properly recount the incident and ask for interpretation when needed.   

Please scan the QR code to sign up.

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