Parents all hope that their children are independent, confident, and persistent. With high emotional intelligence, they can handle and control various difficulties and challenges in life.

Especially in today’s dramatically changing world, new concepts and trends come thick and fast. How can our children think independently, judge calmly and rationally, control their emotion,  and have the sense of responsibility in order to enhance their social value are keys to help them grow up and live their own lives independently and confidently.

GCCW specially invites Ms. Bian Baoyi as our mentor. With interesting stories and content analysis, she will help young people understand what Speculative and analytic methods are, how to seek best ways to solve the problem, and how to control their emotion and enhance the sense of responsibility.

Each lesson is divided into two parts:

  • Enlightenment from Chinese Culture

Stories of wisdom in Chinese culture allow children to experience the philosophies and wisdom in the stories in brainstorming and inspire children to share their own experiences.

  • What are the methods of dealing with, analyzing and solving problems in western culture

The topics are chosen from the youth leadership training course of the West. The content includes how to face problem when it arises, how to analyze the problem, how to find ideas and clues to solve the problem.

the palace museum with sunset glow in beijing,China

The language of instruction is Chinese.

Class time:

8/16, 8/23, 8/30, 9/6, 9/13 five Sundays at 3-5 pm, online classes through Zoom. Each class can accommodate up to 15 students. It is recommended that students participate in all five classes to achieve the best learning effect.

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