After the call for Rosalind's science writing competition called "Looking into the Future" initiated by Grace of the 12th grade of Irvine School District this year, many excellent and creative works were collected one after another, and the competition was very fierce. After careful evaluation and many choices by the judges, the final list of winners was released a few days ago. Congratulations:</p>
Champions: Ethan Huang and Veronica Yu;
Runner up: Suri Li
Most Creative Award: Leonard Yu
GCCW not only prepared beautiful certificates and gift cards for the winners, but also funded the customized Rosalind logo shirts for all members in Rosalind public welfare projects. We are glad to know the children's efforts have not only gained social recognition, but also encouraged more high school students to participate in public welfare projects to find important life entrances to the carrer that connects the personal interest with the community welfare. 
Next, GCCW will provide  more public welfare projects and chances for high school students. Students who have plans and ideas are also welcome to contact us.

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