Does your child struggle with any of the following issues? Or do you worry that these issues may arise in the future?

Every parent treasures their child, but the journey of childhood doesn’t always go smoothly, particularly for second-generation teenagers who face pressure from their school, parents, society, classmates, and from their own expectations. Without the ability to deal with this pressure, an increasing number of children suffer from low self-esteem and become reclusive, irritable, pessimistic, rebellious, irrational, and in some cases, turn to suicide. And high school students at elite schools are at a higher risk of developing psychological problems.

In top high schools with high percentage of Asian student population, our kids are more likely to develop psychological programs.

As parents, we should reflect on our parenting approach. Are we seeing good GPAs and elite colleges as the only standards on which we judge our kids? Are we micromanaging our kids to the point that they are not mentally strong enough alone and feel a lack of control over their lives?

Instead, we should actively seek out ways to let our children express themselves and to learn how to make positive changes to live the best possible life. 

In the summer of 2020, GCCW is offering a free youth Summer Positivity Psychology Camp, giving children a safe space to express themselves where they can be met with respect and sincerity. In their time with the counselor, they will learn to understand their issues and discover and appreciate their strengths in order to be their best self.

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The five pillars of the training camp are closely related to teenage growth and mental health.

  • Gain the ability to think positively
  • Be optimistic in spite of failure
  • Recognize their strengths and virtues
  • Have good emotional management
  • Communicate and be appreciative

The training camp takes place online, in five two-hour-long lessons. Each class has a maximum occupancy of 15 students. Participating in all five lessons is recommended to have the best learning experience.

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