The charity event jointly organized by GCCW and Di Tennis Academy came to a successful conclusion today!

The professional and creative activities of the coaches make the children indulge in sports while running. For two full hours, the children sweated and laughed, and the parents also chatted and laughed and waited patiently.

Someone says that tennis is a lonely sport, but also a collective sport. On the court, the game rules state that even the coach can not speak, and the tennis player must face various changes independently; off the court, a group of people silently support and care for him.

This characteristic of tennis meets GCCW’s original intention unexpectedly. We are a group of loving supporters who care about our own growth and care for others, and we are dedicated to others to achieve ourselves. Next, we have a Mother’s Day charity restaurant activity, dedicated to families with children with special needs, and Tai Chi Yoga activities, focusing on meditation and flow, and more continuous volunteer projects. We welcome high school students to actively participate in contributing to society.

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