Treasure can be owned, gratefulness can last forever.

Being grateful is a precious attitude to life. Thanksgiving is also one of the most precious and important festivals. This festival brings us a stronger relationship and makes us reflect on every bit of the grace we receive in our lives. Thanks to the passing of gratitude, the world becomes more harmonious, life becomes better, and people become more harmonious.

Therefore, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, GCCW and LongWise Community invited friends to bring their family and friends to participate in this special event.

During the event, we reviewed the history of our nonprofit organization since its establishment; we led everyone to participate in our specially designed interactive activity-expressing love to the closest people; at the same time, we also awarded the 2019 public welfare stars.

Thanks all friends for their trust and recognition of GCCW and Longwise Community. We will try our best to do better in 2020.

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