Aves Learning Program

GCCW pays special attention to the education and growth of youth. We established Youth Development Center to motivate and support our kids to actively engage in community service and public welfare projects. Participating in these projects can help the youth to develop a sense of responsibility for others and the community. It can also broaden their horizons and cultivate their problem-solving skills, teamwork/collaboration, and leadership.

It is the belief of dedication, service, and growth that gave birth to GCCW’s first public welfare project—The Aves Learning Program, which is entirely planned and organized by youth.

This project was initiated by two high school students. It aims to help elementary and middle school students find suitable high school student tutors on the network, and at the same time create a project that allows high school students to help younger students through their efforts and dedication.

Younger students can receive free and one-on-one tutoring with high school students, and high school students can cultivate their communication skills, organizational skills, and leadership while applying their knowledge to help others. High schoolers can also earn volunteer hours.

Below is the mission statement written by the initiators of Aves Learning Program.

GCCW allows the students to take control of the program while closely monitoring the program. GCCW will also provide full support to them in various aspects such as legal consultation and expert advice whenever needed.

GCCW will also set up a public welfare scholarship. Outstanding students will be awarded scholarships to thank them for their contributions to others and the community.

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