The Irvine Global Village Festival kicked off on a sunny morning. The staff who came to the exhibition early in the morning, the market with various cultures, and the volunteers who actively participated in services all pushed the post-pandemic rally to a climax. By the end of the event, everyone was still in great mood.

At the GCCW booth, among the volunteers who had a shift every 2 hours, the youngest ones were only 2nd grade primary school children. Everyone was very attentive and cherished this opportunity to serve the community. They “show” themselves as a brand, and enjoyed communication and making friends.

With everyone’s efforts, the three major domains of GCCW: family education, youth development center and psychology center have been well known to more people, and new partners have joined our volunteer team. At the same time, we have received donations from many people, which strongly support our targeted donation project.

In the coming days, we will launch more volunteer opportunities, so stay tuned.

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