GCCW was fortunate to participate in the Irvine Global Village, the biggest event of the year in Irvine, and brought various interesting activities to the scene.

As a non-profit organization participating for the first time, we received a warm welcome from friends. With the assistance of volunteers, everyone started to write the festive “Fu” and learn the Chinese calligraphy art. The exquisite Chinese-style scented tea we prepared on the spot was also sought after by everyone. The sweetness, fragrance and colorfulness attracted a lot of friends to stop and taste.

It is particularly worth mentioning that our event attracted a lot of high school volunteers. They introduced our organization as well as activities to all friends in both Chinese and  fluent English.The volunteers contributed greatly to this event. We will also provide more practical opportunities for students at school in the near future.

This is the first time that our non-profit organization emerged in a large-scale event, which was loved and supported by friends. We have also summarized the experience and deficiencies in the event. In the future, we can communicate with friends through more platforms and channels.

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