Science Summer Camp 2022

As the head of the Science Interest Group, Project Rosalind, a youth volunteer project supported by the GCCW platform, Grace and her classmate Andrew plan to hold a four-day online science summer camp from August 9th to August 12th , 2022. Through interesting activities and projects, the summer camp will lead the children in grades 6-9 to learn […]

A letter from Rosalind Project

Project Rosalind launched its first science-themed writing contest, Seeing Into the Future, in 2021. The contest lasted from July to August 2021 and included two divisions for elementary school students and middle school students. Participants were asked to submit a piece of no more than 500 words discussing their hopes and expectations for the future […]

GCCW High School Public Welfare Project- Rosalind Science Writing Cometition Winner List

After the call for Rosalind’s science writing competition called “Looking into the Future” initiated by Grace of the 12th grade of Irvine School District this year, many excellent and creative works were collected one after another, and the competition was very fierce. After careful evaluation and many choices by the judges, the final list of […]

Rosalind, a charity project for high school, student-scientific writing competition

Want to discuss writing with your peers and show your expectations and unique perspectives on science? With participation, you can also win certificates, gift cards and exquisite gifts! Here’s the opportunity! This summer, Rosalind, a charity project for high school students on the GCCW platform (initiated by Grace in Grade 12 of the Irvine School […]

The President’s Volunteer Service Award

The Presidential Volunteer Award PVSA is a special commendation award for the most outstanding volunteers by the president of the United States. It gives the highest recognition to the volunteers’ unpaid behavior for the community and the contribution to helping others. The value is very high. The institutions or organizations that can participate in the […]

Science Project Rosalind Officially Launched

Project Rosalind is supported by the GCCW Youth Development Center and initiated by Grace, a Junior student from the Irvine Unified School District. Led by the participation of high school students, through the creation and dissemination of interesting and easy-to-understand science video clips, and holding interesting science laboratory online activities, to stimulate primary and secondary […]

Let every child fall in love with science- Project Rosalind

-a public welfare project initiated by high school students GCCW pays attention to the education and growth of young people, encourages and supports young people to actively participate in social practice and public welfare projects, so that they can cultivate a sense of responsibility to others and the community in the process of participation, while […]

GCCW Free Courses for Youth: Learn Speculative Method and Achieve High EQ

Parents all hope that their children are independent, confident, and persistent. With high emotional intelligence, they can handle and control various difficulties and challenges in life. Especially in today’s dramatically changing world, new concepts and trends come thick and fast. How can our children think independently, judge calmly and rationally, control their emotion,  and have […]

GCCW’s First Public Welfare Project Initiated By High School Students

Aves Learning Program GCCW pays special attention to the education and growth of youth. We established Youth Development Center to motivate and support our kids to actively engage in community service and public welfare projects. Participating in these projects can help the youth to develop a sense of responsibility for others and the community. It can also […]

Outstanding High School Graduates Are Sharing Their Growth and College Application Experiences

GCCW (Global Center for Chinese Wellbeing) and OC FUN SCIENCE are holding three experience sharing events in July. They will invite eight to nine outstanding new high school graduates for each event to share their growth and college application experience. It is the third year that OC FUN SCIENCE has organized the sharing event. New […]

GCCW Summer Positivity Psychology Camp: Teaching kids how to aid and prevent mental health problems

Does your child struggle with any of the following issues? Or do you worry that these issues may arise in the future? Every parent treasures their child, but the journey of childhood doesn’t always go smoothly, particularly for second-generation teenagers who face pressure from their school, parents, society, classmates, and from their own expectations. Without […]

TIME for Kids: Reading to Navigate the World

New benefits from “GCCW Youth Development Center”: 🆓 🆓 🆓 🆓 🆓 In 2020-2021, we will provide COMPLIMENTARY subscriptions to the magazine “TIME for Kids” for you for the entire year! TIME for Kids is the children’s edition of Time Magazine. Since 1995, TIME for Kids has published a weekly magazine for elementary school students. […]

GCCW Establishes Youth Development Center

Adolescence is the developmental transition to adulthood that includes rapid changes in the brain and body and with specific health and developmental needs and rights. It is also a time to develop knowledge and skills, learn to manage emotions and relationships, and acquire attributes and abilities that will be important for enjoying the adolescent years […]