On August 9, GCCW and the LongWise community participated in the charity activities of the Orange County Food Bank for the eighth time.

Today, for the first time, we had friends who took part in public welfare activities as a family. It is very meaningful for a family of three to take part in volunteer work together during the summer vacation. At the same time, at the end of the summer vacation, there are also children who are about to enter high school to participate together, so that our small group is more diverse.

We packed plums for the first time. In over one hour, all the volunteers packed 8,000 pounds of plums. Bags of food represented love and would be delivered to those in need.

Although the commonweal activities are simple and slightly repetitive, the warm and small actions brought together have become a great power to help those in need.GCCW sincerely hopes more friends can join us, starting from small things, accumulating goodwill, and passing on love.

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