Return to the Outdoors, Return to the Group, and Have A Hearty Exercise——GCCW Tennis Free Charity Activities

As the epidemic gradually fades away, more than one-third of the population in the United States has been vaccinated. The golden age for us to return to the outdoors and enjoy the outdoors has come again! On April 18th (Sunday), GCCW and Longwise Group Inc specially joined hands with Di Tennis Academy to hold a […]

GCCW Works with Well-known Restaurants and Franklin Foundation and Other Institutions: Salute to Mother, Contribute to Families with Special Children

Every Mother’s Day, the air is filled with deep gratitude, thanking the great mother for her dedication. Thanks to the family who accompanied us all the way out of the epidemic, GCCW thought of a gift of love for mothers on this Mother’s Day. We found GroupRaise, a non-profit organization that specializes in helping charity […]

GCCW Tennis Charity Event Ended Successfully

The charity event jointly organized by GCCW and Di Tennis Academy came to a successful conclusion today! The professional and creative activities of the coaches make the children indulge in sports while running. For two full hours, the children sweated and laughed, and the parents also chatted and laughed and waited patiently. Someone says that […]

The 3rd GCCW Charity Star Event Launched

2020 is a special and challenging year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many offline activities of Longwise Community & GCCW were forced to stop. Although there are fewer opportunities for everyone to meet, our WeChat group has always been active. For this reason, a second WeChat community group has been added. We would […]

Thursday Chat Room

​There are talking, listening, communication, understanding, encouragement and suggestions… Everyone who has just immigrated overseas will have all kinds of difficulties and confusions; every parent will encounter many challenges on the road of educating their children, and hope to hear more suggestions from others; every family is in love and staying together, will always be […]

GCCW Free Adult English Class

All new immigrants should learn English. Learning how to communicate effectively in English not only helps us to fit in easier and smoothier, but also allows us to be more engaged in our children’s education.  GCCW is offering free adult english class beginning from August 13th. There will be 5 courses, 60 min per course […]

2019GCCW Chinese New Year Celebration

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 GCCW and LongWise family got together on Feb 2nd to celebrate Chinese New Year. It rained heavily outside, but it will not quench our enthusiasm for leaving the old and welcoming the new year together. Everyone made dumplings, enjoyed delicious food, and guessed riddles. Although we are in a foreign country, […]

First Hiking in Spring

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 On March 15th, Longwise Community and the non-profit organization GCCW organized the first outdoor hiking activity. The sky was clear and the breeze was soaring. All the participating friends hiked together at Laguna Niguel Regional Park. Everyone walked and talked, both getting closer and exercising. In the park, there were geese […]

GCCW Group Volunteering(2)

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 GCCW cooperate with LongWise family to do group volunteering work in OC Food Bank Center. We’ve done 3,000 pounds orange packaging within 2 hours, and everyone felt very proud. The coldness in the room was compelling when participating in the event, but everyone was still enthusiastic. They talked with each other […]

Drug Prevention Lecture

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 With the legalization of marijuana in California, drugs are more accessible. Many people, especially parents are concerned if this would pose a threat to children’s development. So we invite Jordan Liu, officer from Irvine Police to give us a drug prevention lecture on March 21st. Drugs are extremely harmful. They are […]

Positive Psychology Lecture

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 Education is a heated topic among parents, and nowadays people pay attention to not only children’s academic performance, but also youngsters’ psychological development. Therefore, we invited Ms. Hongli Chen, a specialist of positive psychology, to give us a public lecture. The title of the lecture is “Family Education from the Perspective […]

GCCW Group Volunteering (3)

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 March 8th is the International Women’s Day, and wish every woman Happy Women’s Day. GCCW cooperate with LongWise family to do group volunteering work in OC Food Bank Center. We’ve done 6,000 pounds pear packaging and 1,800 pounds squash packaging within 2 hours, and everyone felt very proud. GCCW and a group […]

Security Lecture

IIrvine is undoubtedly one of the safest cities in United States; however, there’s an increase in the number of crimes with the influx of more immigrants. Therefore, GCCW together with LongWise Family, invites the Irvine Police to give a lecture on Security on May 9th. The lecture includes: Home security \Personal safety \Travel safety\ Daily […]

GCCW Group Volunteering(5)

On May 24th, GCCW and LongWise Community participated in the charity activity of Orange County Food Bank for the fifth time. Our small volunteering team is also gradually growing. I hope more and more friends can join us for public welfare. This time, more than ten people participated in our activities, and even the elderly […]

Coffee Event

GCCW and LongWise Family made a specialty coffee event on June 7th. People actively participated in to enjoy the coffee and learn its culture. The presenter is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). She has studied the culture of coffee systematically. Many years of coffee culture infiltration has made her quite […]

Group Volunteering (6)

On June 14th, GCCW and LongWise Community participated in the charity activities of Orange County Food Bank for the sixth time. A girl who was just 14 years old joined us this time. Accompanied by her family, she participated in public welfare with other group members. On behalf of our organization, sI also hope that […]

Introduction to Photography Art and Techniques.

On June 18th, GCCW and Longwise Community invited photographer Xu Bin to bring a lecture entitled Introduction to Photography Art and Techniques. Mr. Xu Bin graduated from the Photography Department of the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. He is a senior photojournalist and picture editor. His photographic works have won more than 30 times […]

Group Volunteering (7)

On July 12, GCCW and the LongWise Community participated in the charity activities of Orange County Food Bank for the seventh time. When it comes to the summer season, we could obviously feel that the number of people participating decreased. Everyone was cooperative, and the efficiency was very high. Not only was completed ahead of […]

Earthquake Preparation Seminar

GCCW together with LongWise Community invites Irvine Police to hold a seminar about how to stay safe when an earthquake strikes on July 25th. On July 5th, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Southern California caused many friends to panic. In order to disseminate the information about the earthquake disaster, we invited Officer Jordan Liu from Irvine […]

First oil painting event

On August 16th, GCCW and LongWise Community held the first oil painting event. There are many friends who love life and love art in our non-profit organization. We have always wanted to organize related activities, so we invited the professional teacher Ying on-site guidance. Ying graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a […]

Second oil painting event

On August 23, GCCW and LongWise Community held the second oil painting event. With the experience of the first class, everyone at this event was obviously familiar with it, getting started faster, and eagerly looking forward to completing the painting. For most of participants, this is their first experience in oil painting. They were all […]

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of reunion. As the traditional festival was approaching, GCCW and the LongWise community organized a snowy moon cake handmade event. Everyone experienced the fun of making snowy mooncakes, creating a strong festival atmosphere also feeling the charm of traditional Chinese festivals overseas, and spent a wonderful time together. Before the […]

Yoga Event

Yoga, which originated in ancient India, is a 5,000-year-old practice on body, mind, and spirit. Its purpose is to improve the physical and mental nature of people. On September 5th, GCCW and LongWise Community held a yoga class. The theme of this activity is shoulder and neck conditioning. Do some simple and effective exercises around […]

Hiking In Spring(2)

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 On April 26th, we organized a second outdoor hiking event with Longwise Community. This time, we met together at the Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo. Some time ago, Southern California had plenty of rain. The air here was fresh, and flowers were blooming. Although there were not many friends participating […]

Dragon Boat Festival Event

LongWise Family and GCCW held a parent-child event to celebrate the Children’s Day and traditional Dragon Boat Festival on June 1st. Zongzi is an indispensable food for our Chinese people to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. It has a long cultural history of thousands of years. Every time the Dragon Boat Festival, every family, streets […]

LongWise community Group Volunteering (8)

On August 9, GCCW and the LongWise community participated in the charity activities of the Orange County Food Bank for the eighth time. Today, for the first time, we had friends who took part in public welfare activities as a family. It is very meaningful for a family of three to take part in volunteer […]

Parents Meeting

The topic of education has always been a difficult problem faced by parents. How to educate children and how to teach them well requires continuous exploration by each parent in practice. In order to provide a platform for parents to learn from each other, on October 3, we held the first parent-symposium. In response to […]

Irvine Global Village Event

GCCW was fortunate to participate in the Irvine Global Village, the biggest event of the year in Irvine, and brought various interesting activities to the scene. As a non-profit organization participating for the first time, we received a warm welcome from friends. With the assistance of volunteers, everyone started to write the festive “Fu” and […]

GCCW Education Event

Dewey from the United States said “education is life”, Spencer from the United Kingdom said “education prepares for future life”, and Qin Wenjun from China said “education should be a door, push it open, full of sunshine and flowers, it can bring confidence and happiness to young children. ” The topic of education involves all […]

GCCW Thanksgiving Event

Treasure can be owned, gratefulness can last forever. Being grateful is a precious attitude to life. Thanksgiving is also one of the most precious and important festivals. This festival brings us a stronger relationship and makes us reflect on every bit of the grace we receive in our lives. Thanks to the passing of gratitude, […]

American Home Garden Design and Plants

On November 15th, GCCW held a lecture on home garden design and plants. We invited Mr. Li, who has rich experience in this industry, to explain to all friends, the main points are as follows: * The nature and requirements of City and HOA in the construction and reconstruction of family courtyards; * Requirement and […]

Children’s Art Education Lecture

On November 22nd, we invited Mr. Song Yu to hold a seminar on “Art Education for Children”, which mainly talked about the current situation of children’s art and how to learn the basic skills of the academy. The main points are as follows: * Status of children’s art (children’s drawing, stick figure, cartoon drawing) * […]

GCCW Group Volunteering(1)

Updated: Sep 5, 2019 On the morning of January 11th, GCCW and LongWise Community held the first charity event at the OC Food Bank Center. Everyone actively participated in this activity. Some friends even had a waist injury and did not forget to contribute their own strength. Everyone helped to pack food and communicated happily […]

Longwise Community Group Volunteering (9)

On September 13th, the Mid-Autumn Festival, GCCW together with the volunteers from Longwise Community participated in the charity activity of Orange County Food Bank for the ninth time. Everyone dedicated during the volunteering work, and in nearly an hour, a total of 13,000 pounds of potatoes were packed. Although the public welfare activity was simple […]

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