The topic of education has always been a difficult problem faced by parents. How to educate children and how to teach them well requires continuous exploration by each parent in practice. In order to provide a platform for parents to learn from each other, on October 3, we held the first parent-symposium. In response to the hot topics in education, parents were invited to share their experiences and exchange ideas.

The issues discussed at the scene were as follows:

*How to cultivate children’s interest in hobbies

*How to choose when there are too many interest classes

*Do children need to participate in extracurricular tutoring classes, from “pushing baby” in China to “pushing baby” in the United States?

*There are so many extra-curricular tutoring classes. What is the difference? How to choose a tutorial for your child?

*Differences between public and private schools in the eyes of parents

During the lecture, all parents actively communicated, shared their parenting experience, and raised their doubts. After the event, friends said that the lecture was both practical and warm, and a participating parent wrote a detailed summary:

1 、 How to choose between public and private:

Private schools have less teacher-student ratios and more teachers’ promotion, intervention, and assistance sessions, which are suitable for children who need attention and need to promote. Public schools are suitable for children with strong self-discipline, self-management and self-drive, and their ability to resist stress is also a challenge. Children’s self-discipline and consciousness should be cultivated during middle school. Children who are “promoted” will encounter many difficulties even if they attend American universities. The choice of private schools should also be determined in accordance with the interests of their children. For example, children with artistic interests should choose a school with corresponding arts. There will be more kinds of community activities in public high schools, about 20 kinds.

In addition, there are few good private places near Orange County, and Irvine’s public level is relatively high. If parents are aiming to climb the vine and their children are in elementary school, parents can consider moving to the east bank. There is a primary school to a middle school with rattan school on the east bank.

2 、 Selection of tutoring and interest classes:

Extra-curricular tutoring classes are suitable for two types of children: one is that they have the ability to learn and need to participate in various competitions and develop in depth. The second is that the foundation is not good, and tuition needs to catch up with the regular level. Other tutoring classes are not recommended because they do not help the child’s self-learning ability.

The choice of extracurricular interest classes should be based on the children’s interests. Parents should be good at observing what the children’s talents are, supplemented by persistent efforts in talents. Interest-based learning should not care about rankings, what is important is the process of persistence and what the child learns during the process. The example of Judy’s daughter learning dance can be seen. The leadership, organization, and spirit of serving the elderly in the community are the most valuable. The children are proud of it and have successfully applied to prestigious schools. One of the highlights.

Extra-curricular interest classes. In elementary school, you can choose more items and observe the children’s love points. There are many interest classes for CITY OF IRVINE, with low cost and suitable for enlightenment. When you reach middle school, you need to focus, choose the direction that your child loves, and go deeper. Personal education should choose. Don’t be afraid to spend money, because the quality of private education is good and effective. Don’t choose hobbies that children are not interested in. If it is purely for further studies, children will often give up after further studies, which will hurt the people!

3 、 What kind of resume is easy to be favored by famous schools?

GPA results are of course important. When the GPA is above 75% of the school, you need to pay attention to other areas. For example: interest development and volunteer services. The choice of associations and volunteers should not be set with the goal of entering a prestigious school, but should focus on its own significance. Volunteer service is to cultivate children’s awareness of dedication and dedication, so that they can focus on the development of communities, the environment, the country and the world from the perspective of world citizens. Participating in volunteer service in order to accumulate hours will lose its original meaning. The development of interests is the same, to develop different talents for each child, not to package resumes. It is better if the volunteers can choose according to the children’s interests, so that the children can use their interests to contribute in real life, and the children have more achievements and motivation, and college admissions officers also like it. There are many places to choose for the middle school volunteer project, Changzhi Community, Chinese School, Church, etc.

All the parents who participated in this symposium learned a lot, and we would also hold more education-related topics in the future.

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