As the epidemic gradually fades away, more than one-third of the population in the United States has been vaccinated. The golden age for us to return to the outdoors and enjoy the outdoors has come again!

On April 18th (Sunday), GCCW and Longwise Group Inc specially joined hands with Di Tennis Academy to hold a professional and meaningful tennis charity event. Mr. Lin Di, the former Asian champion of the Chinese national team and the main player of the “Davis” Cup in the 90s, is committed to creating a unique training system for Eastern students, integrating the characteristics of Eastern coaches’ attention to standardization of movements and Western coach’s respect for individuals and creativity. In recent years, every year in the academy, players have won championships in various age groups, and many players have even received tennis scholarships for this advantage and entered excellent universities in the United States for further study.

Discussing with a professional coaching team, understanding your own level, and competing with players of the same level, regaining the sense of belonging and mentality of the past are the original intentions of this event. In order to provide better-targeted guidance, we are divided into three levels:

Junior Level

Target Group:No tennis experience

Learning objectives: learn standardized movements and cultivate interest. The professional orange ball is used, which is easy for students to control at this stage.

Senior Level

Target Group: at least six months of learning the ball

Learning objectives: Pace training on the court, multi-directional back and forth ball response, serve training, to prepare for the competition organized by the United States Tennis Association.

Professional Level

Target Group: the top four players who have participated in the competition organized by USTA

Learning objectives: improve the stability of the action, practice tactical awareness, and confrontational scoring competitions, prepare for entering the high school team.

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