Want to discuss writing with your peers and show your expectations and unique perspectives on science?
With participation, you can also win certificates, gift cards and exquisite gifts!
Here's the opportunity!
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This summer, Rosalind, a charity project for high school students on the GCCW platform (initiated by Grace in Grade 12 of the Irvine School District), will host a show called "Future" science writing competition!
Entry theme (choose one)
- What makes you excited about the future of science? Why?
- Do you want scientists to discover new species on the seafloor, or are you excited about the first humans to land on Mars? 
- Are you looking forward to new scientific inventions? Let us know what you are excited about and why? 
Warm reminder: The event window will be open until August 16th. Students in grades 4-8 in the new school year can participate. The number of words should not exceed 500 words. Please submit your work on bit.ly/ProRoWritingContest!
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