Project Rosalind is supported by the GCCW Youth Development Center and initiated by Grace, a Junior student from the Irvine Unified School District. Led by the participation of high school students, through the creation and dissemination of interesting and easy-to-understand science video clips, and holding interesting science laboratory online activities, to stimulate primary and secondary school students’ interest in science, so as to achieve the learning and cognition of science.

The entire team, after overcoming many challenges, has now completed the construction and design of the website, and uploaded the first science video——Earth and Space Sciences, and updated it on their YouTube channel at the same time.

This three-minute video looks very relaxed and humorous. They use hand-drawn cartoons to explain the principle of earthquake occurrence, the level of the earthquake, and the damage caused by different levels. Achieved to explain the profound scientific knowledge in a simple and easy-to-understand way, which stimulated the interest of primary and middle school students in understanding scientific knowledge. The three-minute video is compact and informative. The knowledge points about earthquakes are very clear, and they don’t feel dull and stereotyped. Even adults find it interesting! The entire short film, from creativity, planning, hand-painting to copywriting, to video processing skills and details are excellent, and it is really “shocked”.

In addition, popular science videos on biology, chemistry, and physics are also being produced. In the near future, we will see more entertaining and educational content on their website and YouTube channel. Welcome more children and adults to come and follow their projects, learn about science together, love science, and make our life more exciting through science.

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This youth charity project has gathered 10 outstanding high school students to participate. They also look forward to more high school students to join this volunteer activity. As long as you are interested and want to participate in any aspects of creativity, production, technology, management, etc. involved in project operation, they are very welcome to join.

To join this excellent team, please send an email to

Grace, the initiator of the project, said: “During the practice of this charity project, I encountered many difficulties, exercised my will, learned a lot of new knowledge, and also cultivated the ability of leadership and teamwork, and deeply felt my own growth. Through every small progress I have, I have more and more confidence and a sense of accomplishment. While accepting challenges, I enjoy this process. Perhaps my first business idea will be born from it. I will continue to do this project.”

This is the charm of young people’s participation in public welfare activities and social practice. It not only cultivates a sense of responsibility to others and the community, expands their horizons, and cultivates comprehensive capabilities, but also brings more unlimited possibilities and hopes to the future.

GCCW pays attention to the education and growth of young people. It will keep abreast of the progress of the project and provide full support when they need it. With the continuous progress of the project, GCCW will also establish charity scholarships through self-recommendation and recommendation. After a comprehensive evaluation of the students participating in the project, students with outstanding performance are selected to award scholarships, and volunteers who meet the requirements apply for the President’s Volunteer Service Award to thank them for their dedication to others and the community.

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