On October 9th, the Irvine Global Village Festival, the famous multicultural event of the Irvine City Government, was grandly held in the Orange Great Park!

After the epidemic, the lively scenes were so impressive. Irvine citizens wandered through the celebrations of food, art, music, and Irvine’s diverse community.

As a non-profit organization that has been working closely with the Irvine Government, GCCW has also prepared a large number of gifts featured with Chinese culture. Our volunteers came to the scene early in the morning to prepare for the deployment, and actively promoted our service to new immigrants, caring for families, and caring for the development of young people with the concept of family education and mental health. We are appreciated for the volunteers for participating, and also thank the people on the spot for their support and donation to GCCW!

The annual festival integrates the best autumn festival in Irvine history, and also unites the hearts of the citizens of Irvine, allowing us to dedicate our strength to the common beautiful homeland.

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