The Presidential Volunteer Award PVSA is a special commendation award for the most outstanding volunteers by the president of the United States. It gives the highest recognition to the volunteers’ unpaid behavior for the community and the contribution to helping others. The value is very high.

The institutions or organizations that can participate in the certification of volunteer qualifications must be those authorized by the state and the federal government. The certification body or organization verifies and certifies that the selected volunteers have reached the qualifications, that is, volunteers who meet the president’s volunteer working hours requirements within 12 months specified by the certification body or organization will be rewarded.

GCCW is a non-profit organization that has obtained California and federal certifications. Among the best volunteers we selected, Daisy and Grace won the gold award, and Congxuan won the silver award. They are high school students from University High. They participated in the small teacher project of Mingwai College to help children in classes and their growth. Congratulations!

GCCW is still applying awards for more volunteers who meet the requirements of the Presidential Volunteer Award. If you are interested in participating, please contact us and continue to pay attention to our series of public welfare projects.

The following are the requirements for the “Presidential Volunteer Award”:

*U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States (ie green card holders)

*Age must be over five years old

*Qualified voluntary services within 12 months can receive annual bronze, silver and gold awards, or long-term qualified services can receive lifetime achievement awards

Data reference: the number of hours required to get rewards for each age group

GCCW welcomes everyone to actively participate in charity activities and contribute our strength to the community!

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