​There are talking, listening, communication, understanding, encouragement and suggestions…

Everyone who has just immigrated overseas will have all kinds of difficulties and confusions; every parent will encounter many challenges on the road of educating their children, and hope to hear more suggestions from others; every family is in love and staying together, will always be some depressed and want to talk to someone; every young person will always face the constraints and conflicts from “care” in the critical period of growth, how to decide their own life? …

GCCW will open the “Thursday Chat Room” column in November 2020. On the first Thursday of every month, friends in need can walk into our chat room. Our first life mentor, Ms.Baoyi Bian, will be waiting for you here.

Baoyi Bian is the chief consultant of GCCW Family Education Project. Before going abroad, she worked as a major editor in the Economic Information Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. She went to the United States in 1993 and served as the overseas director of the Shanghai European and American Alumni Association, the vice president of the Shanghai European and American Alumni Association Women’s Federation, and a lecturer in the Shanghai Oriental Grand Lecture Hall. She is a very outstanding and thoughtful professional woman. she gave lectures on “Politeness and Etiquette in the Workplace”, “Image Requirements in the Workplace”, “Cultivating High EQ Youth”, “American Youth Leadership Course”, etc. to college students and professionals.

Ms. Bian has cultivated her daughter very well. When her daughter was in elementary school, she followed her parents to the United States, and was successfully admitted to Cornell University. After graduation, she got a firm foothold on Wall Street and showed my skills. However, when her career was like a fish in water, he chose to start a business in the UK and founded the unique “DAI” brand in the world’s fashion industry that perfectly combines fashion and technology. This year, 12 years after graduating, her daughter was selected by the school to be included in the book “The Wall of Miracles”, which records the outstanding contributions of previous outstanding graduates in the field of scientific innovation to society.

Ms. Bian published the book “Children’s Way Let Her Go-Raising an Independent and Confident Good Child” in 2019. This book tells how Ms. Bian’s own daughter, a child with ordinary IQ, under the guidance of her parents, according to the principle of natural growth, realizes the free flight of the soul, has an independent and confident personality, and demonstrates excellence at work. Ms. Bian condenses her more than ten years of raising daughters’ educational experience with this book. Many parents have benefited a lot from this book. As a result, Ms. Bian is known by more people and is sought after by many parents.

I met Ms. Bian at a Chinese book club. At that time, I also just came to the United States. The theme of the book club was actually hard to remember. The original intention of going there was mainly to pass the time and meet some new friends. At that reading conference, Ms. Bian didn’t make many speeches, but she left a deep impression on me. She was low-key and introverted, good at listening, with mature perspectives, and with profound knowledge and cultural confidence. So after the reading meeting, I took the initiative to add Ms. Bian’s WeChat. Due to the large number of people on the scene, I didn’t have time to have a deep chat with her, so I hurriedly stopped.

For a long time after the study meeting, I never contacted Ms. Bian, but I always remembered her deep memories. Until a few years later, I encountered some confusion in work and life. I couldn’t figure it out, so I sent the first message to her. At that time, I was still hesitating whether it was too sudden and impolite. Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect Ms. Bian to reply me immediately and told me that I would return to the United States next week, so that I would contact her again. It’s just the affection of the acquaintance, she can take it so seriously, and I have more respect for this elder sister.

Since then, GCCW has become attached to Ms. Bian. She loves public welfare very much and has always contributed to various social welfare activities. She has cooperated with GCCW on many family education activities. At each event, many parents surrounded her. Many friends often ask her for various questions in life and work. Everyone trusts her and likes to chat with her and answer questions.

Starting from November, Ms. Bian will walk into our “Thursday Chat Room” and use her rich life and education experience to help more people in need. Whether you just want to find someone to talk about your experiences and feelings, or you want practical help and useful advice; whether it’s about educating your children, or about love and marriage; from family or work to trivial daily life, as long as you If you like, you can come and chat with Ms. Bian.

The column will be launched on the first Thursday of each month, and each participating friend will have 1 hour of chat time. Currently, the ZOOM online method is adopted. Activities need to be reserved in advance. To submit an appointment, please scan the following QR code:

You can also log on to our official website www.gccw.us and select “Activity Registration” on the Chinese page to make an appointment.

Let Ms. Bian use her wise mind to solve your problems, and use her knowledge and experience to help you sort out your thinking and avoid detours. The exchanges with the wise are people looking forward to, everyone hurry up to grab the seat and try to enter Ms. Bian’s chat room as soon as possible.

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